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Wb B55 Drivers

The other half is missing but would have been a Prince of Wales motto on a seeded background. Ribbons original and full length. One is darker than the other in colour of lettering. It looks like one of the lugs is a later replacement, otherwise in very good condition. It was not until that an eagle badge was officially sanctioned.

Great fun, German battleship decked out like your local garden centre. One with lug missing, the other with one replacement lug, crudely soldered. Two small pin prick holes in the title otherwise in good condition. This one is in good condition with its original slider.

Has some age to it but in good condition. Blanche Moila blanchemoila webmail. Die-cast white metal example. However, a change of administration resulted in applications from other corps being turned down. Odd mark to leather, but nothing to worry about.

Willien Fourie fouriew cut. Made in the s for collectors.

Braising metal around lugs with heavily verdigris, but does not affect front. Attractive and scarce matched facing pair of Indian elephants above a plaque bearing the battle honour Assaye. Motlatsi Keikabile motlatsi. The armourer has subtly shaped the bulging forearm muscles into the piece. See my item no for a picture of these collars being worn.

This one faces to the left as is correct for headdress. It is show clearly this battery can fit my machine model. Certainly not one of the later and larger die struck copies. With five original tabs to the reverse.

As a result it looks more brassy than perhaps it should, but scarce and in good condition otherwise. Kwown in various sizes, voided and unvoided.

In excellent condition with some dulling to bullion with age. The arm badge is worn on the right arm with the elephant's head facing to the right. The fluting is attractive and follows all the way around in a scalloping pattern of three flutes, which are all step flutes running parallel to one another.

Wb b55 drivers

It certainly displays better with it. Paper backing half present and traces of glue to the reverse. He was also entitled to the clasp, but this is no longer present. Not obvious and could be invisibly repaired. Gilt bright with sharp detail.

Good condition, with only minor twisting to one lug. Astro Labels Looking for a cellphone number?

Sun faded to front, with better colour retention, as would be expected, to the rear. Of Kings Yorkshire Light Infantry interest.

In very good condition with slight tarnishing. John Woodman Higgins Armoury sale, with their stock number painted on reverse side. Later patterns had a fern leaf pattern. Slightly polished, but attractively so. Some tarnish marks to the reverse.

The photos do not do it justice. Tan leather with gilt fittings, gam61sme s2l driver in near mint condition.

Brand new notebook WB-B55

Some bending to the loops otherwise in good condition. Looks to be in unissued condition. An attractive crowned title strap resting in wreath, with rose to centre. Their last known address was in Fish Hoek, Cape Town. Garry Wiehahn on or e-mail jackats telkomsa.

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Often found blackened, but this has always been gilt. Lange Toyota dglange telkomsa. Good condition, looks to have been lacquered. Two lugs to the reverse, fixed in place with old silver solder. Also worn on the sun helmet but with the addition of a long slider.

More of a coppery brass colour and white metal rather than yellow brass good to know if you are trying to match up with some collar badges. Some light tarnishing and some wear to silver plate on the high points of the button. Original backing plates and lugs. This style of manufacture has been attributed to Firmin although it bears no maker's mark.

So only worn for a limited period of time. Slight polishing to highpoints. Good condition other than for one lug is bent but still functional. Slight wear to slider, otherwise in excellent condition.

Should I pay a subscription fee to always have free shipping? The naval element was made up of R. What happens when I have an item in my cart but it is less than the eligibility threshold? Original yellow brass patina.

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Elephant head with crown above. Some mishaping to orb at top of crown otherwise in good condition with only minor wear to the silver plate on the highpoints. In good condition but not as bright as if just from the military tailors. In good unissued condition.

Aleck Skhosana Askhosan qinet. Bought many years ago from a specialist playing card dealer in Australia. In the extract from the Infantry records at York, his discharge is under a different section of para - xix a. Petra Gegenhuber would like to get in touch with Sven. Officers retained the pre pattern bridle and continued to wear bit bosses for review order but with the new pattern King's crown from onwards.

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