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Robb Derringer Kyle Sloane. Quit when she won the lottery. The financier for Corinthos and Morgan.

Uncle of Emma Grace Scorpio-Drake. Committed adultery with Jessica Holmes, and she became pregnant. Friend to Lila and Edward Quartermaine.

  • Bruce Weitz Anthony Zacchara.
  • Father of Thomas Steven Hardy Sr.
  • Housekeeper for Lesley and Rick Webber.
  • He was asked to testify against Frank Smith in court but his life was endangered and he was forced to go undergound.

John Jacks married to Jane Jacks. Jax later moves out so Carly will stay away from the mob violence, but ends up taking Josslyn with him when Carly will not steer clear of Sonny. Adopted son of Sonny Corinthos. Illegitimate son of Scott Baldwin and Jacqueline Hayes.

Jane is brought to General Hospital as a patient after a car accident caused by her boyfriend Howie Dawson, that makes her miscarry her baby. He goes back to Jane when he needs to improve his image to get an important position at General Hospital. Former administrator of General Hospital. Murdered by a patient at the hospital.

Worked as an Adoption Agent. At Stone Canyon, dating slang terms Oscar gives Joss a watch so at she will know he is thinking of her when he dies. Dominique Stanton Baldwin deceased.

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Cousin of Jamal Woods and Hope Hartman. Brandon Barash Johnny Zacchara. You have to go on some assumption and that's mine.

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She tells Joss that she is pregnant with Sonny's baby and Joss is shocked, but happy. Was the chief villain in the Ice Princess affair, where he put North America into a deep freeze in the middle of July. The cousin of Kate Howard aka Connie Falconeri. Was presumed dead after an explosion. Cameron eventually figures out what is going on with Oscar and he tells Joss what is going on with him as well.

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Ex-lover of Nikolas Cassadine. Nathan Parsons Ethan Lovett. Stephen Macht Trevor Lansing. Shot and Killed by Jerry Jacks. Anthony Geary Lucas Lorenzo Spencer.

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Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy)

In the process, he fell in love with Wu's granddaughter, Jade. Formerly married to Jasper Jacks. Died in surgery conducted by Matt Hunter. Mistress of Garrett Floyd. Sister to Jeff Webber and Rick Webber.

So there you have it, Danny and Nina are being recast, Anna will be gone all summer Drew and Kim will disappear and Nelle returns. Present cast members Past cast members Crew. His older cast members have been offering their support via social media. Has been dating Mob lawyer Diane Miller.

Wu's men because Josh was wearing Frisco's jacket. She plays her song with Oscar's ghost watching her and Cameron also plays a song that he wrote for Oscar. Agent of the World Security Bureau.

Alexis mother, of course, being Kristin Bergman. Lisa Marie Jennifer Smith. Ex-fiancee of Trevor Lansing deceased. Drew Garrett Michael Corinthos. Slipped and fell in the shower at the Metro Court.

He conspired with Susan Moore Jason Quartermaine's birthmother to blackmail the family. Rick Moses Blond hunk who just so happened to be a hitman for Frank Smith. Jax confronts Carly and tries to convince Carly to terminate the pregnancy but Carly convinces him to take a risk and they decide to keep the baby.

Cousin of Mikkos, Anthony, love connection dating and Victor. Was killed in self-defense by Ginny Webber. Steve Bond Jimmy Lee Holt. Half-sister of Stavros Cassadine and Stefan Cassadine.

Grandfather of Emma Scorpio-Drake. Grandmother of Josselyn Jacks. Sister of Jagger Cates and Stone Cates.

  1. Formerly married to Kevin O'Connor.
  2. Jane Elliott Tracy Quartermaine.
  3. Tristan Rogers Robert Scorpio.

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Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy)
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Phil is alive and dating Diana Maynard Valerie Starrett under an assumed name. He had a lacky, Mel, kay mandolin dating who was a photographer dating Laura Templeton. Jimmy Lee Holt born as Eric Quartermaine. Father of Emma Grace Scorpio-Drake.

Adrienne Barbeau Suzanne Stanwyck. Father of Sonny Corinthos and Courtney Matthews deceased. Husband of Gloria Cerullo. Biological son of Thomas Baldwin and Audrey Hardy. Sister of Kristina Cassadine.

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