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Where was the serial number? It keeps true to its travel-friendly heritage by coming complete with an attractive Cordura case. This one has an old picker and newspaperman curious. There is a catalog page in the book with this instrument. The original company was established in in Chicago, Illinois.

Those things are more helpful for dating Washburns than the serial number by itself. Standard Washburn Endorsers. Bearin mind that all of this applies only to guitars manufactured from on as that is when the current owners began producing instruments under the washburn name.

But if you go to washburn sights it will explain how to tell what year by the amount of serial numbers usually the first two letters are the year. We have found out over the years that some of the letters stand for the factory where they are made and the country if the same manufacturer is in multiple countries. The Washburn Rover has a slim profile that lets it fit into cramped spaces.

Reverb News

Go ahead and holler at me on the forum or email. It's been in her family for years, and, from the looks of it, in a fairly hot and dry attic for most of that time. The bridges would typically be Ebony and normally have flattened pyramid wings, dating melbourne this one looks more like one you would see on a Regal made guitar.

As far as the letters go, they denote the manufacturer. Handles typical wear and tear with no problems. The bridge was pulling up, and as you can see, someone tried to remedy the problem with a few bolts. What if it was a Z, Q or Y or T purely random choices. Finally, as is customary for most guitars like this, Washburn produced the neck with rosewood.

The bridge is modified or replaced, it has a compensated saddle. Chances are, carrying around a guitar will lead to some requests. This popularity transcends many demographics and cultures.

This guitar is great for beginners for the price but is much more than a beginners guitar. Very few modern Washburn instruments have been built by the company itself. Stromberg The Strombergs Charles and Elmer made approximately instruments up until when they both died. Campellone The first three digits of the serial number are the sequence of production - the next two are the month - the last two are the year in which the guitar was made. Not surprising, I guess, if it went as part of a special order to a big retailer.

The corporate offices of U. Not an appraiser though, so I can only guess. The guitar is easy to date from the burned in stamp next to the Washburn belt logo. There can't be many of these top end models out there and this example appears to be in very fine condition.

  1. The latter digits indicate the individual instrument and its place in production.
  2. It may be many years before I would even think using anything else.
  3. It's the winning that counts, not the taking part.

This instrument would have been built for gut strings originally. The lining is made from hard foam and molded to fit your specific model. While imperfectly applied, and sometimes awkwardly long, this can often be useful in identifying a given guitar. There is some great information in there and many images from old catalogs that include guitars, mandolins and banjos.

Craftsmanship is above par, even for Washburn. Few things will give you the opportunity to improve your social confidence like mastery of a Washburn acoustic. It kinda makes it look like a classical guitar that sounds like an acoustic guitar. If you really want the best acoustic experience that money can buy, then you simply have no alternative.

It would also come with a really nice freedom hard case made by skb. Main My Page Members Forum. This place loves to see photos, many and varied!

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How to Understand the Model Numbers on Washburn Guitars
Washburn Guitars
  • One of the distinguishing factors of a Washburn guitar is the fact that it is a U.
  • Tonk Brothers turned to manufacturer J.
  • Vibrant acoustics fill a room with warm tones and sharp plucks.
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An Unbiased Look

Guitar Serial Numbers

Review of the WD10S

Tom Beckmen and his wife Judy Fink Beckmen in left careers as music salesman and teacher respectively to launch a wholesale music business in Los Angeles, Beckmen Musical Instruments. Additionally, musicinstrumentscenter. Of course Collings, Goodall, Langejans et al. Hollenbeck Read the label on the inside of the guitar for the date.

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Hopefully, some of you guys are familiar with these guitars. They used their business cards as labels in the guitars, dating the telephone number on the card helps to determine the approximate year the instrument was made. They are generally faded and I can't see any trace on your label.

The dreadnaught body is standard as are the pearl dot inlays. Very hard to make out the small paper label in the image but it appears to be a retailer's label. There is no direct connection between the original Washburn brand and the modern Washburn International.

Can't help you with value but would recommend getting an appraisal from George Gruhn. The sides of the frets, especially on the high string side are rough. The rest could be really useful sometime. It has the Ebony, flattened pyramid bridge I mentioned.

Why An Acoustic Guitar

Langejans The date that the guitar was made is on the label inside of the sound hole. The ebony fingerboard has a pure, clean face that tastefully complements the rich color of the surrounding wood. We are pleased to join forces with a strategic partner like Jam Industries, that has a long, successful history in the music industry and has been a long-term business partner with U. Comins The date is on the label on the inside of the guitar.

Many positive review Vix an eligendi atomorum, diam omnium scripserit an pri. Is there something written that shows what the letters are of guitar serial numbers? Here are a few photos of the label, bridge, and the guitar itself. They also owned Regal Instrument Co. Hard to tell for sure but the neck heel appears to be the enlarged version that was changed from a smaller, lower version.

Venetian cutaway makes upper fret access a breeze. Paul Reed Smith The first digit of the serial number is the last digit of the year in which the guitar was made. Default strings could stand replacement. The notes come surprisingly loud and clear, pluck or strum. As you can see, junior's dating it could mean many things depending on the manufacturer.

How Do You Find the Serial Number for a Washburn Guitar

The smaller body still produces excellent sound with great projection. Smaller size produces smaller volume. Any plastic strings for classical guitar would work though. The N stands for natural, kundli match making meaning a natural wood finish mine says qsb meaning Quilted Sun Burst and the K is Maple wood is all those letters mean.

About Washburn Guitars

How to Understand the Model Numbers on Washburn Guitars

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