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You really gotta go there in person to check it out. Just purchased a new Yamaha upright from Cunningham, and very pleased with all aspects of the experience! Kingston-Kurtzman-Merrium-Schaff Bros.

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If you slide out the music desk, you may find a number imprinted in it, or in the woodwork inside the top of the piano. Linton Floyd-Jones, the grandson of W. Rich and crew are an amazing group of people purely interested in customer satisfaction! Turned legs replaced square tapered legs, and added embellishments of brass collars, turned and reeded, teardrop shapes, etc. Many are simply not available, although our files include many dates of individual numbers which are not published anywhere else.

The result is that an exact date will be stated as if it were fact, with no reference to whether the piano is of a type that could possibly have been made then. Rich and Hugh add that special touch with their love of pianos, knowledge, and music, and their joy in sharing that with others. Pape marked the year under the strings but some, like one of ours, have unfortunately faded. Rich and Tim are true knowledgeable gentlemen, and good friends. It has been an amazing resource for my musical son with these great opportunities to connect with the music world at large, as well as being able to have access to some of the world's best pianos.

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Nevertheless, these are definite, confirmed, accurate dates, completely different to the Paris lists. The piano is so gorgeous pictures don't do it justice. Here are a few examples, very useful if the main number is faded, or painted over.

Some can also be dated by their Schwander action numbers, but those numbers are not so easy to find, being on the back of the action, so it is safer to ask your tuner to look. Occasionally, two are superimposed at right-angles, serving as an asterisk, to confirm that this is the serial number. You will see that, although very useful, the sequence is not entirely faultless, it includes some estimated dates of pianos, and some question marks. Their grand and baby grand pianos became popular after the turn-of-the-century. Pianos that used Shenstone keys include Bansall, Brasted, C.

Some p iano manufacturers place serial numbers in various places. The only published lists are for the later American firm, and some of those are misleading. Tremaine was a business genius who brought about the commercial exploitation of the piano player on a big scale.

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Dating a piano in this way is notoriously unreliable, partly because so much misleading information has been published. This aside, some effort has been made to collect dated instruments and use their serial numbers to produce a trend line for dating instruments. This gives us a nearly gap free dating of Broadwood squares. My estimates of individual pianos turned out to be so close to a thousand per year, I rounded them up. See the excellent history on the Friends Of Square Pianos site.

In the s, the manufacture of Challen pianos was taken over by Brasted Brothers, of London, when they mainly made the model. Any Baldwin made piano is worth the time. In the seventies, I wrote to his successor Bob Pierce about this matter, giving specific proof of inaccuracies, but he did not act on the information. Shenstone key labels are dated, but their numbers seem to have used some sort of code, they are not in sequence, so they do not help us with dates.

  • In most instances, the retail price is also given.
  • Generally, the most satisfying answer would take us to an exact year.
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Dating Pianos

See also the modern numbers near the bottom of this page. Charles Begg's stockbook shows new Kirkman pianos being sold with completely different serial numbers that suggest the s. Numbers cast into the iron frame are not specific to the individual piano, the frames are ordered in bulk, but a number painted on the frame may be the one.

Well-known as a maker of harmoniums, we have a example Malcolm also made piano players, and piano actions, and these usually have a numbered label on the rear of the hammer rail. My cousin, having done the wood finishing on it, became equally hooked, and he took it on with great plans, but eventually sold the job to someone else. The piano is stunning and sounds wonderful, best question for speed even better in our home!

Factories were located at East Rochester N. Some people solve this problem simply by choosing the number which suits their purpose, or makes the piano oldest. Strip away the thousands, and you'll find relatively few which have a remainder over five hundred, when is perhaps a glimpse of the real output. It is possible that Steinberg Berlin numbers also worked like this.

Later taken over by Herrburger Brooks. The following list shows numbers for dated pianos made by the wholesalers, Bansall. But they also began to add an inked number on the wrestplank at the far right. Haines and his brother Francis W. Several sources have assumed that this was a made-up name, perhaps leaning on the prestige of Bentley cars, dating site sketch troll but it seems likely that they bought the rights from someone else.

The following list is partly estimated, and can be very useful if you find the Brasted name inside a piano. Some modern serial number dates for Collard pianos are listed near the bottom of the page. Another point worth remembering is that because some conventions in numbering developed gradually over a period of many years, they are less applicable to early instruments.

Beware of the Bechsteins of the s, with extra numbers that seem to imply a date in the s. Pianos were sometimes refitted for French Frame stands early in their life to keep up with changing styles and currency. Steinways used very small stamps so that they could mark even the tiniest pieces of moulding in this way. Sometimes, they are harder to see, and may be underneath a grand, so be aware of the dangers of crawling under there, and check that there is absolutely no movement in the leg joints before you do. The serial numbers of Howlett pianos are not all in the same sequence, and this suggests that they were made by more than one factory, rather than all being made by Howlett.

Browse our huge selection of pianos from leading brands including Yamaha, Bosendorfer, Estonia and more. See also the modern numbers near the bottom of this page, as well as notes on Brasteds near the bottom of our Archives page. Normandie Armstrong Haines Bros.

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  1. If you are fit and healthy, you could crawl underneath and unscrew the pedal unit, but the number may be visible without doing that.
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  3. Following is a list of brand names that are in use or in development, by Gibson, since A.

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Ink marks can be made by a rubber-stamp, and these are often found on the sides of keys. Surprisingly, their numbers continued to increase at a similar rate through the war, then settled down to about one thousand per year. Back in the eighties, I was the first person in the world to publish these, dating a although the list has been greatly improved since then.

Be wary of what you read on the internet about Aucher dates. Wooden top bridges are sometimes imprinted too. Numbers preceded by a letter are not usually serial numbers. Serial numbers give us plenty of room for interpretation sometimes, depending on shop practice. If you're in the greater Philadelphia area, get the Cunningham.

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If you have an idea of the date, and the true maker is uncertain, you may be able to guess it from the numbers on this list. Baby Grand this weekend and we could not be more pleased! If you are lucky, you may just open the top of the piano, and immediately see a number, but sometimes, the number is so well hidden that you may not find it.

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