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You may get all updates in your favored language from the site. It is a matter of life and death for me. Parcel Monitor is a one-stop solution for your Aramex tracking needs. The worst company in the region The worst company in the region. Do not make appointment for delivery and make stories.

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They shouldn't be allowed to run their business. Enter your Aramex tracking number and get updates with one click Parcel Monitor licenses you to track all your Aramex parcels from any part of the world without surfing various sites. When my order never arrived, I checked this forum to see what their reputation was like, and I couldn't believe that they could be so incredibly rude and unprofessional. Parcel Monitor user from India a day ago. Try it at least once for better tracking experiences!

They claimed there was no one at home. Three days received before the expected date. Asked send to me password they ignored me. The worst company in the region. It's not my problem my package is the only one there.

Parcel Monitor - Nederlands. Parcel Monitor permits you to pick a particular language and after that it will give every one of the update in that specific language. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by the respective holders. Driver is extremely rude, reporting him to authorities.

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They are the worst people ever. Do not ship anything with them. If you can't, muscle guys don't ever expect an item to arrive by the estimated delivery time. Parcel Monitor user from Ireland a day ago. If they do not know the address doesn't mean the address is incorrect.

But the thing happened to me is surprisingly. Bookmark us for a fast parcel tracking experience in the future with translations for your benefit. They are the worst people ever They are the worst people ever.

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Bunch of shameless people. To top it has the worst call centre in the world. Indian, Pakistani deliverymen calls you down at the parking area of your building to pick up your parcel as they are lazy to deliver. Third party had arranged delivery via Aramex, my first encounter. My gated community security confirmed that the courier person never arrived.

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Parcel Monitor for Business. Messed system and rude delivery person I ordered a few items on Amazon to Dubai and chose expedited shipping. Not the first time though. They never even called me. Copyright Parcel Perform Pte.

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However, I didn't expect it to arrive so early and I wasn't available at the location which I mentioned as my delivery address. Parcel Monitor - Hrvatska. They never answer the calls. But I received it in very good condition today. Thank you aromex for ruining our Christmas!

Today I was sleeping and I received a call just now was told that he was outside. What customers are thinking? It provides tracking updates directly in your mailbox in the language specified by you. If there was less than one star I would give it to this company.

So, I postponed our departure time to the next day so I can wait for the delivery. Completely unprofessional bunch of armatures. He didn't saw the door open and run. Hours passed, christian dating communication the sun was setting and the was no deliver. Use Parcel Monitor to see all the data you require on one single page.

After informing them I actually should of left the country the day before and postponed to wait for the delivery and had to leave that evening. Parcel Monitor user from United Arab Emirates a day ago. Parcel Monitor - Italiano. Parcel Monitor - Bahasa Melayu.

It will give you tracking updates for every one of your parcels either national or universal in only a single snap straightforwardly to your mailbox. Latest news from parcel tracking universe. They didn't deliver my shipment on the scheduled day. Later they sent the shipment back.

What pains me with Aramex they had already set a date of delivery which was the day after I was suppose to travel outside of the country for festive holidays. However, having just gotten off the phone to them, I can confirm that every negative thing you will read on this forum about Aramex is entirely true. Simply opt Parcel Monitor and get every one of the update related to your Aramex parcels directly in your mailbox and that too in just a single click. Do you have multiple tracking numbers, different logistics providers, looking for regular track event updates?

  1. Just one thing that wasn't good was tracking.
  2. Improve your Aramex tracking experience Do not stress over tracking heaps of your parcels now, Parcel Monitor is here to help you!
  3. Nevertheless, this is a sheer lie.

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  • Why is this company still operating?
  • In addition, their call center operators have a terrible accent and it was hard to understand what they were saying.
  • Aromex did not even bother calling me and logged my parcel as an attempted delivery.

Aramex Parcel Tracking Online

It gives you transit status related data for universal and local shipments. But the status days it is delivered. Don't miss any Aramex tracking updates Relax, intj enfp now there is no need to wander on various websites for getting the current status of your parcels! Parcel Monitor user from New Zealand a day ago. When businesses fail they go so because of the guys at the helm.

Aramex Parcel Tracking Online

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To sum up, this the final time I deal with them. Tracking has never been easier. They claimed that they have put a calling card avis de passage in my letters box! It will give you each one of the update regarding your Aramex parcels directly to your mailbox and you don't need to surf diverse tracking websites for it. Parcel Monitor user from Russia a day ago.

Parcel Monitor user from United States a day ago. Parcel Monitor - Bahasa Indonesia. Envelope contains our passports! Example is my shipment No. Useless I feel as if aromex makes false promises.

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