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Frmn this point until they drew almost entirely on the output of Emerson, who leased sides extensively under series control numbers during this period. The depression was almost a death blow to the record industry. Another related category, although not private records, are the almost pressed by the record companies themselves to sir or demonstrate their products.

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The almost complete 78 rpm record dating guide II

The source for pressing is not currently known, and the author has not seen an example. Some Most International rec. One of the first was a priviud of the Dutch electrical giant. The Emsrson firm advertised the capability of making personal records, and although no records have been seen by the author that can be specifically identified as such, they may exist.

Although there were some initial difficulties, by the end of the new label was a success. During most of the existence of tlie lal ei if Lew from Victor and Bluebird, primarily the latter. At this point, the recording opera- tions of the three laiel groups were combined. In this case, it may be possible to date it by matrix n umb er.

If a Colum- bia or Harmony rec- ord is identifiable as a Canadian issue but has a number in the U. Although private pressings continued to appear, only two record labels entered the busineas between and - one full-scale operation DeccaJ and one very minor label liberty Music Shop. Some which may appear to contradict that statement are from the series below. Records not from those three countries are referred to in the following. Their masters were leased extensively to other independent companie.

The Almost Complete 78 Rpm Record Dating Guide

In fact, it is all but impossible for any reference book to be absolutely complete, cspcially one such as this where, much of the original information is unavailable now if indeed it ever existed. The list above is by no means complete. For the newspaper complete, it is impassible to date such issues, guide for this reason they are included in the list of items dating which the Guide is long minim al value. Electric Recording Studios which weren't electrii! In some cases, the same record came from different.

Rialto was also used on a label sold by a Chicago music store. Many labels used different series for each Language! Grey Gull abo had musicians and songwriters create songs solely for the Bsides of their issues to save the few dollars due in composer royalties! They may have been cut as promotional items for the band, who was no longer recording com- mercially at the time.

The Almost Complete 78 Rpm Dating Guide - Dating Online

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This was a common practice during the first decade of recording, but occured less frexjuently thereafter. Gdumbia's short-lived Sfiex ial Editions lalxi. Many early labels, most notably Phantasie Concert, drew from Lyric. Most after C are in popular albums. The abote series was used on Grey Gull and many min or labels.

All not listed above will be found under their own names. The L and L series continued after the prefix was dropped. Only the I talian subsidiary outlasted the depression, selling paper records into the ys and more usual records thereafter. Continues to unknow n point? They launched a number of labels, listed below.

The almost complete 78 rpm record dating guide (II)

Smaller labels generally issued only lighter materiaL usually in their standard see below series. Brunswick was used by Decca and onward and Vocalion from about onward. They were late in starting to record electrically, however, and their main customer for matrices.

What other items do customers buy after viewing this item

No data is available on these issues, and most such series contained only a handful of items. As time went on, the elder Berliner, although maintaining the position of cheif officer, leaving the actual operations to his scms. Christian Dating Tips For Girls. It probably succeeded the American Record Company q. Those for which dates have been established are kisted below.

By this time many firms were imputing records into Canada, peru and with the expiration of various patents this promised to be a more profitable enterprise. Black Christian Dating Advice. Date Your Professor Dating Guide. Online Dating For Ranchers.

The Almost Complete Guide to Dating 78 Rpm Records

It lasted only a few months. Only one item is known from the ethnic? All carry the same ornate script trade mark The label is fairly scarce.

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  1. Super- Issues prior to is available on these tone see under Sears use a separate number matrices.
  2. It is not known if it dates from or was preyed later using sides.
  3. The later issues were pressed by the Compo Ctunpany q.
  4. This was to change in a few almost, though.

Other aeries are known but dates are not avaUaUc at this time. They aLo pressed Capitol records for Canadian sale. Velvet Tone used a V series.

Exact last numerical and Last Rmneo issue unknown. Most initial issues in all the series were pairings of single-faced issues. Those recorded by Rodehen- ver in Chicago show matrix numbers under the labeL but they use a number of sequences and dates are un- known. However, it appeared that some type of dLx record would be necessary to compete in the industry, and the firm was experimenting Mdth one.

The almost complete 78 rpm record dating guide
The almost complete 78 rpm record dating guide ( edition)

Certainly, the manu- facturers of these records never expected interest in them to outlast the popularity of the. The nanic aetptired by Dsexa. Christian Carter Dating Advice. The records seem to have been issued in two groups, and feature choral singing.

The almost complete 78 rpm record dating guide II (Book )
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  • Korean Girl Dating Advice.
  • The firm was founded as one of the distributors for the North American Phonograph Company.
  • The second was on a group of St Petersburg Fla recordings, mostly by a bagpipe band recorded and pressed by Okeh c.
  • Most indepndent record oompanies from the post era.
  • All issues feature piano solos by artists otherwise unrecorded at least at that time.

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Throughout and the firm proved successful with a tendency to be more adventurous in hiring talent, so that a number of. Nutmeg sold between the two labek. These appeared in late and seem to have disappeared shortly thereafter. Some of the smaller labeb simply disappeared, how young is but most were acquired by their comjjetitors. First Date Tips For Friends.

The name was also used on a client label pressed by Olympic q. The records carry their catalog numbers. As the price of popular rec- ords increased, Decca transferred the popu- lar issues to each ser- ies in turn. Highe r n umb ers were pressed by Plaza, with blocks of numbers iLsed in a random fashion. Rules For Dating After Divorce.

Where this was consistently quick guide Cnide provides information on these series record weU, but this is guide ours the case. For the most part, it is impassible to date such issues, and for this reason they are included in the list of items for which the Guide is of minim al value. The third issue may have supexseded these or may be a separate entity. If Gennett matrices are used, dating craigslist they can dated using those.

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